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The Canada-Korea Conference on Science and Technology (CKC) is an ideal annual event to engage with academia, government institutes, and industries from Canada and Korea. This year’s CKC includes: Plenary Sessions, STI Forum, SDG brainstorming forums, Korean Government Research Institutes R&D programs, Young Generation & Young Professional Conference, WiSE (Women in Science and Engineering), Program, Research Showcase, Government Funding Agency Briefing, Welcome Reception, and the Banquet and Award Ceremony.

In particular, this year’s conference theme, “New Opportunities in the New Normal” highlights a goal shared by Korea and Canada, and demonstrates new steps taken toward bilateral R&D collaboration between the two countries. In addition, the conference will also showcase and promote discussions for development of sustainable materials, high value-added products, processing technologies, and clean technologies for Earth, energy and environment.

A successful CKC would be not possible without the support of Korean and Canadian governments and without institutions like you. Depending on the level of participation and registration level, Institutional Partners can receive a variety of benefits and privileges, such as hosting institutional sessions, having registration fees waived, operating a booth, and many more. If you would like to become a CKC 2021 Institutional Partner, or if you have any questions, please contact:

CKC 2021 Institution Registration Levels

Individuals from Institutional partners will receive an online registration fee waiver code and viewing rights in all online open sessions. (Participation in closed sessions of organizations is limited to invitation only.)

Basic Level $4,000 (approx. 3,700,000 won):

  • For all Institution participants, a code will be provided to each individual to freely access all open online events including Opening, Plenary Speech, SDG, etc. (limited to participants who have registered with an institution)
  • Participation in in-person events (1 in-person participant will receive a registration fee waiver code)
  • Promotion of your institution on conference homepage and in online and offline events
  • When the conference is over, participants who have registered with institutions will be given a recorded video, a Summary Report, and a souvenir

Advanced Level $5,000 (approx. 4,600,000 won):

  • Basic Level Benefit + right to present research papers and to participate in panels in SDG, Joint Sessions, etc.
  • Participation in in-person events (2 in-person participants will receive registration fee waiver codes)

Ultimate Level $6,000 (approx. 5,500,000 won):

  • Advanced Level Benefit + can host sessions of your institution
  • Participation in in-person events (3 in-person participants will receive registration fee waiver codes)