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The Canadian Rocky Mountains: Part 1. Portraits of Climate Change

  • 2019. 6. 18. (Tuesday) 13:15 - 21:00
  • This is a formal CKC2019 Program and complimentary for registered CKC 2019 participants and family.

What a changing climate means for Rocky Mountain National Park!

Climate is a driving force in what you experience at Rocky Mountain National Park.
A warming climate means shorter, milder winters and longer, warmer summers, which can affect the park's unique landscapes, plants and animals.


Get involved!

It's amazing how much impact one small action can make, when it's performed by many people.


  • The gate: Banff National Park
  • Moraine Lake: How glacier carves landscape.
  • Lake Louise: Retreat of glacier
  • Johnston Canyon: Healing in the forest

Banff National Park

Moraine Lake

Lake Louise

Johnston Canyon – Upper and Lower Falls