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Technical Session Poster Presentation List

  • 16:45 - 18:00 pm, June 17 (Monday), Kinnear Centre 203+205
No. Name Affiliation Area Abstract
1 Mirim Jin Gachon U BSH N-terminal eukaryotic extension domain of human tryptophanyl-tRNA synthetase activates macrophage via TLR4-MD2 signaling
2 Bumi Kim Wonkwang U ICT Development of Application of the Mathematics Learning Contents Based on Mobile and On/Off Line Services for the Manifestation of Group Creativity
3 Sooyeong Kwak Hanbat Nat. U ICT Pedestrian Detection in Surveillance Videos
4 Heisook Lee GISTeR ICT Gendered Innovations for Machine Learning Algorithms
5 JiYeoun Lee Jungwon U ICT Voiced/Unvoiced Decision Algorithm for Elderly Signal
6 Jihyun Lee U Calgary MAE Application of Control Framework for Optimally Design of Multiple Tuned-Mass-Dampers
7 Ik Woo Kunsan Nat. U MAE Accelerated Artificial Weathering Experiments for Sedimentary Rocks in Korea
8 Sung Won Kang KICT MNT Functional nano-composite materials for decontamination of radioactive polluted water