EXTENSION: Announcement of 2023 Young Generation Forum (YGF 2023)


YG Committee of the AKCSE is pleased to announce the Call for Applications for 2023 Young Generation Forum (YGF) to be held July 3 – July 7, 2023 in Seoul, S. Korea. 

Each year, the YG Forum program, hosted by The Korea Federation of Science and Technology Societies (KOFST, 한국과학기술단체 총연합회), brings young Korean heritage students/researchers from all over the world. 90 young professional participants (including 20 from Korea) will have a valuable opportunity to meet together, share their experience/knowledge, and create a world-wide network. In this year, the AKCSE will send approx. 14 delegates from Canada to YP Forum. All travel/local expenses (including airfare*, accommodation – 4 nights, and meals) will be covered by KOFST. So, it would be appreciated if you could forward this call to your chapter and local community (including newspapers). 


This year, we are also sending applicants in the under-privileged (사회적 약자) category. This category will be evaluated differently from regular applicants.


Details of support:

-          A portion of round-trip airfare*, accommodation for 5 days and 4 nights, and meals

*Airfare will be reimbursed up to USD $2,313 (East), USD $2,007 (Central), USD $1,701 (West) or actual fare, whichever is less. 

* Tickets using mileage cannot be supported, only airfare receipts with the payment amount specified can be supported

-          Travel insurance premium during the event period

* All overseas participants must purchase travel insurance before departure, and only receipts with a guarantee period specified as the event period (July 3 to July 7) can be applied (other dates are not supported).  


AKCSE will submit the selected applicants and the final approval will be done by KOFST. Moreover, the selected participants will need to fill the additional forms at


The below is the application information (also, please review the YG Forum Selection Guidelines attached). 


When you submit the application, you are acknowledging that you will participate in all YG Forum activities between the specified dates.



Call for Applications for 2023 YGF 


1.Eligibility Requirements 

 The applicant must meet ALL requirements below


-          1.5 or 2nd generation Korean-Canadian [born in Canada or have attended schools in Canada at least for 6 years (including high school)]

-          Canadian citizen or Permanent resident

-          Born after 1997.1.1.

-          Student Status at the Time of YG Forum participation – undergraduate student

-          Major in Science and Engineering (including medical, medicine, and nursing) 

-          Ability to communicate effectively in English and Korean

-          Must NOT have attended previous YG Forums

-          Min. GPA should be at least 75% (cumulative) or 3 out of 4. 

-          Under privileged category will be evaluated separately. 


2. Application Deadline: March 12, 2023 (Application package should be submitted electronically by this date) 


3. How to Apply 

a) Application documents 

-          Application form (Attached in this announcement)

-          Scanned copy of Canadian Passport or Permanent Resident Card as proof

-          Most recent transcript (Important Note: The applicant should convert GPA in his/her transcript to % and this GPA in % should be given in the application form). 

-          The applicant should arrange one recommendation letter (AKCSE Chapter president, or Graduate supervisor, Course instructor, or Professor). 

b) Submit the application documents (highly recommend to consolidate all materials into one PDF file) to

Please put the following in the subject line: “[YGF 2023] Application form XXXX University – Name”.

AKCSE YG Committee will not accept any incomplete or delayed applications. 

c) Finalist Nomination from AKCSE to KOFST on March 16 or earlier.  

d) Final Notification from KOFST: TBA



YGF는 국내 외 청년 과학기술자들이 미래 첨단과하기술분야의 비전에 대한 상호의견 교환 및 국내ㆍ외 동포 전문가들간에 네트워킹 협력체계 구축을 통하여 지식기반 사회를 선도하는 세계적인 리더로서의 자질함양은 물론 민족 유대감 향상을 목적으로 한국과학기술단체총연합회가 2002년부터 시행하고 있습니다.


1. 참가 대상

-          캐나다 시민권 및 영주권을 소지한 1.5세대 (최소 Grade 9 부터의 학업을 캐나다에서 마친 자) 혹은 2 세대 (캐나다에서 출생한 자 중 캐나다에서 high school을 포함하여 최소 6년이상 정규교육과장을 마친 자)로 캐나다에서 거주하는 자.  

-          YG Forum 참가 당시 과학기술관련 전공(의료, 간호, 약학 등을 포함)의 학부(Undergraduate Program) 1 – 4 학년 재학생으로 영어·한국어로 의사소통이 가능한 1997. 1. 1. 이후 출생자.

-          최근 성적표 상의 CGPA가 최소 75% (또는 3.0 out of 4.0) 이상 이여야 함.

-          사회적 약자의 경우 우대 한다.



2. 참가 신청 서류지원 신청서 (첨부 양식 참조), 최근 성적표, Scanned copy of Canadian Passport or Permanent Resident Card, AKCSE Chapter President or supervisor/professor추천서 


3. 신청 마감일: 20233 12()

    신청서 제출:


4. 비고


가.  AKCSE에서 학생 명단을 한국과총에 추천한 한국 과총에서 자격 등을 검토하여 최종참가자를 통보함.   최종 선발된 학생이 YG Forum 에 참가하지 않을 경우, 다음 해 AKCSE는 선발가능 인원수에 불이익을 받게되므로  AKCSE에서는 한국 과총에 추천명단 보고전 참가자의사를 최종확인할 예정임

나.  참가자 지원 내역

o   왕복항공료 일부* (서부 : USD 1,701 / 중부 : USD 2,007 / 동부 : USD 2,313 한도 내에서 실제로 구입한 영수증 금액을 지급) 4 5일 간의 숙식비 일체.

* 마일리지 사용 항공권 지원 불가, 결제 금액 명시된 항공료 영수증만 지원 가능

o   행사기간 중 여행자 보험료*

* 모든 해외 참가자는 출국 전 반드시 여행자보험을 가입해야 하며, 보장 기간이 행사 기간(7.3. ~ 7.7.) 으로 명시된 영수증만 지원 가능(이외 일자 지원 불가)

다.  최종 참가자는 반드시 YGF 홈페이지( 통하여 직접 온라인 지원서 작성을 마쳐야 참석자로 확정

라.  참가자는YGForum 행사  기간동안 모든 일정에 참가해야 하며개인행동은 일체 금지되어 있슴



Please feel free to contact if you have any further questions/concerns. 

I look forward to many applications from your chapters and local community. 


Thank you. 


Best regards, 


YG Committee of AKCSE

Dr. Regina Lee


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