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The National Math and Science Competition (NMSC) is organized by the Association of Korean-Canadian Scientists and Engineers (AKCSE). The competition is open for students with grade between 4 and 11, regardless of their gender, nationality, and cultural backgrounds. Each year, approximately 200 ~ 300 students participate in the event across Canada, and the number of participants grows year by year. The competition problems are developed by professionals considering the current curricular of the Canadian public education system. The NMSC committee will provide feedback including average, score ranges and percentiles through which students understand their performance and position among their peer group. The NMSC committee also endows awards for outstanding participants (2~3 students in each grade) to promote and encourage academic achievement. The exam committee and administration of AKCSE make every effort for the successful event and we encourage your active participation.  

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No. Title Name Date Inquiry
공지글 AKCSE National Math Competition 2023 Announcement 첨부파일 2023.02.01 admin 2023.02.01 78
8 Southwestern Ontario (Guelph, Hamilton, Waterloo, London) 지부 수학경시대회 공고 첨부파일 2023.03.20 admin 2023.03.20 5
7 National Capital Region (NCR, Ottawa) 지부 수학경시대회 공고 첨부파일 2023.02.03 admin 2023.02.03 39
6 Saskatchewan 지부 수학경시대회 공고 첨부파일 2019.04.29 admin 2019.04.29 134
5 Calary 지부 수학경시대회 공고 첨부파일 2019.04.29 admin 2019.04.29 138
4 Quebec (Montreal) 지부 수학경시대회 공고 첨부파일 2019.04.29 admin 2019.04.29 129
3 Toronto 지부 수학경시대회 공고 첨부파일 2019.04.26 admin 2019.04.26 358
2 Central Alberta (Edmonton) 지부 수학경시대회 공고 첨부파일 2019.04.26 admin 2019.04.26 326
1 AKCSE National Math Competition 2019 Announcement 2019.04.26 admin 2019.04.26 646
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