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CanadaKorea Conference on Science and Technology (CKC) is an international conference jointly organized by the Association of Korean Canadian Scientist and Engineers (AKCSE) and the Korean Federation of Science and Technology Societies (KOFST) annually. Fostering collaborations between Canada and Korea has been the key focus of conference. CKC has brought together scientists, engineers, entrepreneurs and young students from Canada and Korea, and provided an important platform to build network, share knowledge and develop collaborative research. CKC features Technical sessions, Joint Research CanadaKorea R&D collaboration programs, Research Showcase as well as Young Generation Program.

This year, CKC2021 will be held in hybrid mode (in-person and online).

We expect most Canadian participants can attend this conference in-person at Halifax, NS from September 1-4, 2021 and most Korean participants will attend online.

For selected high caliber technical session or research showcase abstracts, the conference organizer may provide partial travel support for the conference.

Therefore, participants from Canada are highly encouraged to plan ahead and attend this conference in-person.

All abstracts must be technical in nature. One-page abstract will be peer-reviewed. Selected abstracts will be presented in technical sessions (oral presentation) or a poster session during the conference.

In addition, the conference proceeding will be published officially by AKCSE and the authors will have an option to publish either one-page abstract or full conference paper.

Earlyregistration & Abstract Deadline: May 31st, 2021

At least one of the authors must register for the conference and submit an abstract by this deadline and present the abstract at the conference.

A participant can submit a maximum of two abstracts. 

Please follow the instructions for the preparation of abstracts (technical session or research showcase) in the attached file.

More information can be found at


Submit Abstracts

Technical Program Chair, Dr.  Seonghwan Kim
University of Calgary, Canada


General Inquiry for Abstract Submission

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No. Title Name Date Inquiry
공지글 기한연장: 2023 한국기계연구원(KIMM)-캐나다한인과학기술자협회(AKCSE) 매칭 기획연구과제 공모 첨부파일 2023.04.27 admin 2023.04.27 49
169 2023년도 재미한인장학기금의 캐나다 지역 장학생 6명 첨부파일 2023.06.09 admin 2023.06.09 17
168 2024 KIER International Joint R&D Project Funding Program 첨부파일 2023.06.07 admin 2023.06.07 8
167 2023 YWS Webinar 안내 및 발표제안서 모집 (학생대상) 첨부파일 2023.06.01 admin 2023.06.01 40
166 2023년 캐나다한인과학기술자협회 장학생 선발공고 첨부파일 2023.05.02 admin 2023.05.02 370
165 AKCSE e-Newsletter 4월호(14호) 첨부파일 첨부파일 2023.04.20 admin 2023.04.20 71
164 KSEA Distinguished Guest Series: The Second Quantum Revolution on Wed Apr 19 @ 8:30PM (EDT) 첨부파일 2023.04.12 admin 2023.04.12 28
163 2023 코센 브릿지 포럼 연사/좌장 신청 안내 2023.04.12 admin 2023.04.12 31
162 2023년 재외한인공학자활용(K-TAG) 기술컨설팅 사업공고 첨부파일 2023.04.11 admin 2023.04.11 31
161 [KOFST] 2023년 우수연구자교류지원(BrainLink) 기술교류회 사업 추가 공고 안내(기간연장: 5.17.~6.5.) 첨부파일 2023.04.01 admin 2023.04.01 51
160 [KWSE] 여성과학자 글로벌 웨비나 참석정보 안내 첨부파일 2023.03.16 admin 2023.03.16 50
159 EXTENSION: Announcement of 2023 Young Professional Forum (YPF 2023) 첨부파일 2023.03.03 admin 2023.03.03 75
158 EXTENSION: Announcement of 2023 Young Generation Forum (YGF 2023) 첨부파일 2023.03.03 admin 2023.03.03 49
157 한국에너지기술연구원 2023년 신규위탁 공고 첨부파일 2023.03.03 admin 2023.03.03 44
156 *특별* 3월 1일 소식지 / *SPECIAL* March News Bulletin 첨부파일 2023.03.02 admin 2023.03.02 43
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